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Marianna Casagranda

Evolutionary Astrology,
Kabbalah & Numerology 

Deep Memory Process 
soul worker 



Evolution is a Process

which involves lifetimes 

Our souls navigate and evolve life after life. the soul calls to itself specific experiences & challenges necessary to continue evolutionary process.

these lessons take shape in the context of our relationships , work and other arenas. We carry the memories of the past into all that we experience. 

these memories impact our current consciousness and our perception of life events. it is vital to understand out past in order to grasp the current evolutionary intentions. 

As a Spiritual Archeologist, I examine these maps, guided by my decades of study and personal insights  along with guidance by spirit. 


For More Information send me a message through the contact page of the website or email me at



The Tree of LIfe 

The beauty inherent here is revealed to me every time i do a chart. The soul's journey is an amazing story and I am fortunate to speak to my clients about what the Soul is striving towards as revealed by the Tree of Life.

Each Sephiroh on the Tree contains the essence of profound soul lessons that are being activated over lifetimes.  These lessons are acting in conjunct with Tarot influences as well.


This amazing map is a navigational tool, providing guidance and support for all the consciousness growth and work that is being developed via this lifetime. Excellent tool for overall perspective or in looking at a specific situation and it's dynamics. 


one Hour: $125.00

one Hour and a Half: $ 170.00

payment method via zelle 

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Evolutionary Astrology


Pluto and the evolutionary calling of the soul

Evolutionary astrology readings  reveal the soul's karmic past, the accumulation of experiences and the impacts over lifetimes of the resulting choices that have been made which create karma. 

Here, with The Pluto method, we get right to the core of where the soul is coming from in it's past history.

integrating the lunar nodes and the aspects to both Pluto and the nodes reveals the calling of the soul in it's current intentions for the present life. 

we carry the imprints of the past with us, in our psyche's memories and our emotional memories. the revealing of the evolutionary intentions is a powerful  tool. To align in right relationshiip to the Soul's desire enables us to evolve and gain knowledge and the ability to navigate more clearly in your life. 


One Hour: $125..00

One Hour and a Half : $ 150.00


payment method via zelle


The mystical contained

within the mundane

the tarot was created to symbolically house the vast world of spiritual knowledge in a way that it could be carried from place to place in secret. 


the study of both the major tarot and the minor cards provide a mirror to our intuitive self.

the images are archetypal and reveal much of our human struggles to embrace this ever changing relationship to Source, truth and reality on multiple levels. 

My readings give you insight into a particular situation and  will include the Kabbalah material as well. 

the cycles of the major tarot are fated,  containing specific lessons that are part of the overall Soul growth that the kabbalah illustrates. the Location of The tarot card on the Tree of Life indicates which specific Lessons are being activated. 


One Hour: $125.00

One hour and a half:  $150.00

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Deep Memory Process™

Deep Memory

Past Life Regression work 

The Deep Memory Process ™ was introduced by Dr. Roger

Woolger, a Jungian therapist and academic. It incorporates  active imagination, Reichian bodywork, psychodrama and past life

regression to provide the psyche

an opportunity to reveal the

past life memories.  

The psyche and the body hold the memories of lifetimes of trauma imprints. These imprints are

carried from  past lives to the

current life.  our soul will draw

to us the situations that allow a

re-visit of the trauma in pursuit

of healing these parts lost in

the past which still play out in

the current life.

The work involves hands on body work, the reliving of the trauma,

the  Bardo  work allows for the completion of the need to  heal

the emotional, mental and physical layers of the trauma signature.

the soul fragments reunite and

the patterns can be addressed. 


Due to COVID these sessions are on hold. 

please call for more details.

 About Marianna

joining spirit with matter 

I specialize in clients who are on a dedicated spiritual path and clients who are in recovery and artists who are spiritually oriented. 


I was introduced to the mystical worlds of Astrology, Kabbalah, Numerology & Tarot when I was 27.

At the time, I became introduced to this ancient knowledge through my teacher, linda ward. 


I searched for more driven by questions of How could someone learn lessons like unconditional love or achieve true forgiveness in one life? Also, why did some lives manifest with complex life situations ?  

As i kept  exploring, i was led to the work of Jeffrey Wolf Greene,  Evolutionary astrology contained more profound information than anything i had encountered. here the soul's voice became clear and available in the astrology chart and I saw correlations to Kabbalah and tarot as well. 

I crossed a gateway when i began to see the connections between all these  systems.

then as I continued to study, i  began to read and find Roger Woolger's work.  This led me to deep memory process work and united me with past life memories once again. patricia walsh initiated me into deep memory and i began to cull more profound understanding of the mechanics of past lives, karmic patterns and evolutionary processes. 

 I am grateful and fortunate to be able to provide spiritual navigation via all these sources to my clients. 

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La Strega
Public Talks

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Public TAlks

February 24th 2pm EST

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To my beloved teachers 

I want to acknowledge the legacy of my teachers in this mystical life. 

To Linda Ward, whom I met when I was 27 at the juncture of my first SAturn return, She initiated me into the beauty, wisdom and past life information  within  the kabbalah, numerology and the tarot. She unlocked the language, showed me the maps, gifting me with a re-uniting with the work i had done so many times before. Your impact has been profound and i respect the responsibility that is carried with this sacred material. 

To my current teachers within the evolutionary astrology realm: jeffrey wolf greene, Kim marie, Patricia Walsh, Laura nalbandian & rose marcos. thank you Jeffrey for writing the book that would forever change my understanding of astrology.

to become a student of this incredibly revealing work, the awe and wonder i experience each time more is revealed is profoundly gratifying and life altering. 

To Patricia Walsh for holding on to me as i was initiated into Deep Memory process. She gave me the gift of being able to walk through the worlds and begin what is to be a lifelong learning about the nature of the psyche and the song of the soul. 

Thanks to you all ! I will never be able to fully express my deep appreciation for lighting my way. 

Finally, to my natal family members and close friends and relationships that have impacted me. you above all helped me begin this quest to understand the psyche and to look under the surface of events, to dig for a deeper and more timeless truth. it is due to you all that i am who i have become and will continue to become.

Thank you.

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La Strega

Thanks for reaching out!

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