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La Strega-Public Talk 

Marianna Casagranda

Astrologer, Kabbalah, Numerologist and Soul Worker

 Thursday, February 24th at 2pm EST and Friday, March 11th at 6pm EST

Speaking on Evolutionary Astrology, the Soul and Past Lives and the Karmic Patterns

Evolutionary Astrology

In this talk, I will be introducing Evolutionary Astrology and some of the core principles regarding the Soul’s Evolution over time. Evolutionary Astrology is a tool that integrates the psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual dynamics. By learning it’s language, we can access wisdom and address our patterns that have been created via the past. These past life patterns and the karmic narratives that are developed life after life are some of the components that forge the nature of the desire of the Soul to evolve. How do these stories show up in your astrology chart? How has the Soul set up specific pressures, challenges, opportunities to further its progress? How does the astrology chart reveal your karmic narratives over lifetimes?


If you are someone who has found themselves wondering about past lives, been searching for information that will help you understand your life and your experiences with more clarity or you are finding yourself in the midst of profound and deeply impactful life experiences that have brought you into a more spiritual awareness, you are invited to come and bring your questions. Being alive at this time is a profoundly powerful lifetime. We are ushering in a new era and with it comes the responsibility to attend to the past -both personal and global.  

Soul and Past Lives and Karmic Patterns

This talk will be a preliminary taste of what will be covered by a much deeper dive into Evolutionary Astrology and the unfinished business revealed by our karmic axis. The past life karmic patterns are evidenced by the lunar nodes. The evidence shows up in our daily lives as we go back and forth over lifetimes searching for integration by merging the old with the new. Our lives draw to us experiences and people and situations that propel us-how we react or respond is the testing ground of how well we have integrated these deeper lessons. I will offer some examples of this can play out in our lives. We also come into this world with a generational aspect to our soul’s desires. I will touch upon a few recent generations and the collective influence on our world.


I will be offering classes in the spring that will be focused on learning more about what your soul’s evolutionary journey contain. The classes will cover the Soul, the Stages of Consciousness, the Nodes and the Complexes that are evidenced in the trauma signatures in the chart. The nature of complexes and how they leave their mark on the emotional body via fears, phobias, triggers and the unfinished business that the Soul is needing to address.


More details on upcoming classes, schedules and more talks will be available on my website shortly.


You will find more information specific to the classes offered on my website: I will also have a FAQ section to address some basics and you can contact me at if you have other questions.


Cost: $30.00 The Talk will be recorded on Zoom-if you aren’t able to attend, you can have a link sent to you.

Payment is available via Zelle: my email for that account is: marianna6511@gmail and or phone number: 708-341-2925.

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