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Class Schedule

  1. Intro to The Core Principles and Philosophy of Evolutionary Astrology

Jeffrey Wolf Green -how EA was brought into the world

What is the Soul? What is the Ego?

How does the Soul evolve over lifetimes?

The Dual Desire Nature

What about Free Will?


  1. Pluto and the Soul -how the birth charts show us the way

Evolution and the Process of Change-Pluto’s Generational Directives

Pluto over the years specific generations and the totality of each generations purpose (need graph with signs and years assigned-through Aquarius)

            Stages of Consciousness -from Consensus to Spiritual Stages

            Each stage in depth -how this sets the foundation of how we perceive ourselves, others and the              world-the personal and the political

            Why does the Soul call to itself cataclysmic events in the life?

              Karma and karmic consequences, our conditioning environment-family, culture, schooling, race,

              gender, sexuality and nation                                       

The Need for Security and the Resistance to Change

(AKA-Who me-resist?)

Ways the soul resists and how this drives the karma

How we become attached via our karmic complexes-the Nodal Axis in the chart


The Nodes of the Moon-our karmic past, the trauma signatures and the defenses we build

The South Node-our past traumas signatures, past life experiences and the complexes that are formed.

Our Unfinished Business

Skipped Steps-how they are formed and the impact on the current life-

Karmic Complexes-signatures of the astrological signs and the psychological, emotional, mental and physical trail they leave on the Emotional Body-fears and phobias, triggers and PTSD

The Irrational language of the Soul vs. The Mental Logical Grasp

(AKA-I’ll figure it out)

The North Node-the Soul’s evolutionary intent for this life -the desire for integration via the Lunar nodal axis-what does it reveal?

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