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Life Reading

The Kabbalah opens us to where we are in our spiritual consciousness and how we are integrating these lessons into our current life. Every letter in your name vibrates to a specific numerology value and that value as a number cycle also has a specific placement and meaning on the Tree of Life in the Kabbalah.

A Life Reading based on the synthesis of your unique Kabbalah, astrological and the numerology birth data provides a richly detailed record of both past life and current life experiences. A Life Reading will clarify your spiritual path, showing unlearned lessons that need attention and provide a guide towards achieving spiritual balance and growth. 


Information needed for the reading:

Full Name as it appeared on your birth certificate, birth date and birth time and birth place. 


An initial Life Reading is $100.00, additional work costs $100 for each hour we work together. The Life Reading is recorded and sent to you via email.

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